SHUR Conference Big Success

SHUR Conference Big Success

See Below for the Program of the recent conference. Make plans now for next year.




April 28th and 29th, 2017Mississippi State UniversityDepartment of HistoryFRIDAY, April 28thREGISTRATION  4:00-4:30p.m.Colvard Student Union, Room 328FIRST ROUND OF PANELS  4:30-5:45 p.m.

Mississippi as Case StudyComments by Dr. Alix HuiColvard Student Union, Room 330

1A Emma McRaney, Millsaps College“Embracing Corruption: Prolonging the Consequences of Prohibition”

1B Sarah Owen, Millsaps College“The White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and the Meridian Jewish Community, 1961-1968”

Southern TensionsComments by Dr. Judy RidnerColvard Student Union, Room 329

1C  Cole Abernathy, The Citadel“South Carolina and the Nullification Crisis: An Analysis on Southern Honor, States’ Rights, and the Road to the Civil War”

1D  Tyler Powell, Mississippi State University“The Lost Cause and the Closed Society: James Silver and His Fight against Mississippi's Romantic Remembrance of the Confederacy”

1E  Paige Goldschmidt, Auburn University“The Carpenter Solution: A Look at the Counter-Segregationist Narrative”

KEYNOTE ADDRESS  6:00-7:00p.m.Dr. Myrna Santiago, Saint Mary’s College of CaliforniaMcCool Hall, Room 100CONFERENCE BANQUET 7:15-9:00p.m.Little Dooey BBQ

SATURDAY, April 29thREGISTRATION 7:30-8:00a.m.McCool Hall AtriumCoffee and light breakfast foods provided


America and its AffairsComments by Dr. Anne MarshallMcCool Hall, Room 126

2A Andrew Hamilton, University of Virginia’s College at Wise“Lyndon B. Johnson, Harry Byrd, and the War for a Great Society in Virginia”

2B Jeffrey Lauck, Gettysburg College“The Many Faces of the New Left: Students for a Democratic Society in the Vietnam War Era”

2C  James Zimmerman, Hamline University“The State of Education: Reforms that Took Minnesota to the Head of the Class”

SECOND ROUND(cont’d)  8:00-9:15a.m.

The Civil War: Its Culture and Politics Comments by Dr. Andy LangMcCool Hall, Room 130

2D Amanda MacDonald, Ryerson University“War of Words: How Newspapers Contributed to the Civil War”

2E Blake Johnson, University of St. Thomas“Failing God: Confederate Clergy’s Grapple with the Military”

2F Kristin Holloway, Millsaps College“Conciliating Contradictions: An Examination of Civil War Anomalies”

THIRD ROUND OF PANELS 9:30-10:45a.m.

America’s Place in the WorldComments by Dr. Matt LavineMcCool Hall, Room 126

3A Charles Roebuck, Mississippi State University, Meridian“A Lesson in Unintended and Unforeseen Consequences: The Kenan Corollary and Columbia”

3B Darren Pomida, Rice University“Bagong Lipunan and the American Century: Ferdinand Marcos and the Filipino-American ‘Special Relationship’”

3C Faith Chamness, Millsaps College“The Isolationist Myth: American Foreign Policy During the Rise of Hitler”

World AffairsComments by Dr. Peter MesserMcCool Hall, Room 130

3D Nicholas Musgrave, Hastings College“The Frenchman from County Clare: An Anomaly of National Identity in the Revolutionary Era”

3E Ryan Vopni, Ryerson University“Tribute to the Emperor: A History of Sino-Vietnamese Relations and the Third Indochina War”

3F Peri Imler, Presbyterian College“The Significance of Theatrical Politics in Elizabethan England”


Cultural MethodologiesComments by Dr. Muey SaeteurnMcCool Hall, Room 126

4A  Abdullah Barez, Ryerson University“The Parallels in Trauma”

4B Max Shuler, University of Virginia’s College at Wise“The Effects on Integration on the Negro Leagues”4C Catherine Casselman, Sewanee: University of the South“Isolated Histories in an Isolated Community: A Look at the way African-American Women of the Lower Ninth Ward Use Oral History”

Constructing DifferencesComments by Dr. Jason WardMcCool Hall, Room 130

4D Charles Johnson, Auburn University“Patrolling the Borders of Whiteness: How the Texas Mexicans Became People of Color”

4E Candice Fountain, Grambling State University“Why Women Continuously Demonstrate for Equality”

4F Leslie William Washington Jr., Grambling State University“The Ebonics Controversy: Inferiority v. Superiority”

LUNCH      12:15-1:30Catered sandwiches and saladsMcCool Hall AtriumTransportation available to Comfort Suites and back


PolitickingComments by Dr. Davide OrsiniMcCool Hall 126

5A Jaazaniah Catterall, Michigan State University“Alternative Facts of History: A Failed Meeting, A Leap to Conclusions, and Why the Truth Matters”

5B Abigail Panitz, Rice University“‘Intelligence Work’: Watergate and the Implications of Presidential Power”

5C Laurel Teal, Hastings College“Dead Microphones: The Republican Party’s Break from History at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland”

Social Movements and the EnvironmentComments by Dr. Jim GiesenMcCool Hall 130

6A  Kyler Genereaux, Utah State University“At Least They Have Their Health: How Sickness and Migration Changed the Environment in 1850-1920 Colorado”

6B  Rebecca Iozzi, University of Virginia’s College at Wise“Helen Matthews Lewis and Her Role in Appalachia’s Environmental Movement”

6C  Duncan Tarr, Michigan State University“Black Against the State: Detroit’s Revolutionary Union Movements, Incarceration, and Surplus Rebellion”

SIXTH ROUND OF PANELS   3:00-4:15How to be Men and Women: Discourses on Gender and SexualityComments by Dr. Courtney ThompsonMcCool Hall 130

5 D  Max Farley, Rhodes College“‘A Martyr of ‘78’: White Southern Masculinity Through the life of Reverend Charles C. Parsons”

5E  Vic Overdorf, Butler University“Imprisoning Sexuality: The Abuses of the State in Homosexual Male Incarceration at Alcatraz Federal  Penitentiary (1934-1957)”