Seth Nunley

Seth Nunley


  • History of Science and Technology


  • MA Student


  • Graduate Assistant


As a MA student, my research focuses on modern U.S. history, especially during the Cold War era. I am particularly intrigued by the influence of scientific and technological advancements on cultural perceptions and experiences during the early years of the Cold War, with specific regard to popular culture during the Atomic Age and the Space Race. I also look to examine the early Cold War from a diplomatic perspective, utilizing early 20th-century Soviet and U.S. history to examine the setting of the stage for the Cold War.



Northeast Mississippi Community College

            Fall 2018 – Spring 2020

Mississippi State University, College of Arts and Sciences

            B.A. in History, Dec. 2022

            M.A. in History, Expected Dec. 2024

                        Advisor: Dr. Matthew Lavine


Work Experience

University of Southern Mississippi

            Civil War & Reconstruction Governors of Mississippi Project

                        Research Assistant, Fall 2022

Mississippi State University

            HI 1213: Early Western World – Dr. Stephen Brain

                        Graduate Teaching Assistant, Fall 2023