Patricia McCourt

Patricia McCourt


  • History of Science and Technology
  • Identity: Gender, Race and Region


  • PhD Student


  • Graduate Teaching Assistant

Patricia Lynne McCourt is a Ph.D. candidate who specializes in American history and the history of medicine. Her dissertation, "'These Deleterious Drugs': A Gendered History of Addiction in the United States" explores how Americans' varied beliefs and assumptions surrounding gender, race, and public health at the turn of the twentieth century influenced the development of drug policy and addiction treatment. In addition to researching, writing, and teaching about the history of licit and illicit drug consumption, McCourt also volunteers her time spreading awareness for harm reduction and mental health.

Mississippi State University  

History Doctoral Program                                                                                        2019- Present

Sam Houston State University                                                                 

B.A. in History, Double Minor in Secondary Education and Spanish, Summa Cum Laude.     TEA Certified in History, Grades 7-12                                                                              2018                            


Doctoral Comprehensive Exam Fields (Passed October 2021)

Exam Fields: Modern U.S. History (Primary); Early U.S. History (Secondary); History of Science and Medicine (Third); Race, Identity, Gender, and Region (Fourth)


Mississippi State University

Instructor: HI 4363/6363- African American History and Culture- Summer 2023                               

Instructor: HI 1073- American History since 1877- Spring 2023

Instructor of Record: HI 4653/6653- The History of Science and Technology Summer 2022

Teaching Assistant: HI 3773- The Holocaust  Spring 2022

Instructor of Record: HI 4313- The New South  Summer 2020

Teaching Assistant: HI 1063- American History to 1877  Spring 2020

Teaching Assistant: HI 1073- American History since 1877  Fall 2019



Combatting Overdoses in Rural Areas (CORA)                               

  • Member-2021- Present
  • Social Media and Communications Coordinator- Spring 2023-Present

Alcohol and Drugs History Society (ADHS)

  • Member-2020-Present

Phi Alpha Theta, National History Honor Society    

  • Mississippi State University Chapter President-2020-2021
  • Mississippi State University Chapter Vice President -2019-2020


Inaugural Co-director, MSU History Resource Center 2022

Editorial Assistant, Environmental History 2020-2021


Steen-Adams, M., Anderson, S. Bissonette, L., Hersey, M., Himel, M., Cook, S., Meares, L. Cagle, N.,  Mindlin, L, Livingston, F. McCourt, P. Smith, N. Thomas, K.S., Lehman, E. and MacCleery, D. User Guide: Educational Resource Catalogue on the History of Land Conservation, Washington D.C.: The Land Trust Alliance, in press.                                       

Steen-Adams, M., Hersey, M., Himel, M., Bissonette, L., Cook, S., Meares, L., Mindlin, L., Livingston, F., McCourt, P., Smith, N., Thomas, K.S.,  Anderson, S., Lehman, E., and Cagle, N. 2021. Educational Resource Catalogue on the History of Land Conservation. Washington D.C.: The Land Trust Alliance, forthcoming.

Review of Not Far from Me: Stories of Opioids and Ohio edited by Daniel B. Skinner and Berkeley Franz for the Middle West Review 8, No. 2 (Fall 2021): 174-176.

“‘A Narcotized Group’: Troubling the Distinction Between Medical and Nonmedical Female Drug Users in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era” at the Alcohol and Drugs History Society Biennial Meeting. June 2022


“‘The Feminine Vice’: Southern Women and Addiction on the Eve of Federal Narcotic Regulation” at the Southern Association for the History of Science and Medicine Annual Meeting. March 2022


“‘These Deleterious Drugs’: The Gendering of Addiction in the U.S. South and the Harrison Narcotic Act of 1914’” at the Southern Historical Association Annual Meeting. November 2021

   November 2021

Kentucky Historical Society Research Fellowship                                              Summer 2022

MSU Arts & Sciences Graduate Student Travel Support Grant Spring 2022

George Robson Prize for Best Graduate Student Paper- MSU History Department  Spring 2021

Graduate Student Paper Competition- MSU Gender Studies Department   Spring 2021