Hubert Takyi

Hubert Takyi


  • War, Power, International Affairs


  • MA Student


  • Graduate Teaching Assistant



  • 221 Allen Hall



Hubert Takyi is a Master's student and Teaching Assistant at the Department of History, Mississippi state University. Hitherto, I pursued my undergraduate studies in History at the University of Education, Winneba, Ghana where I graduated with First Class Honors. 

I'm interested in political/military history with profound focus on interstate relations with special emphasis on conflict and diplomatic relations (comity) that subsist between states in Africa. Notwithstanding, I also have an interest in gender studies. I explore how women tremendously participate in military services in Africa. I'm currently examining a paper titled "Erasing Gender Misconception, Demystifying Women Contributions to the Military Service: Historical and Contemporary Context of the Ghana Armed Forces”. This paper is a systematic review that illuminates the unique roles played by women in the military services since its inception in 1957, evident in engaging peacekeeping operations, provision of health needs, teaching, administrative functions among others. It thus discards myriads of assumptions leveled against women that obscure their significant contribution to socio-political development of Ghana and larger extent across the globe. 

Causes Taught as a TA

Fall 2022: HI 1063, Early US History.

Spring 2023: HI 1173, World History after 1500

Fall 2023:  HI 1163, World History before 1500. 



MA student, Mississippi state University, 2022- Present

BA, History Education, University of Education, Winneba, Ghana, 2019.

Lectures Delivered

Decolonization in Africa and India, Spring, 2023. 


Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of History, Mississippi state University, 2022- Present

Teaching and Administrative Assistant, Sunyani Technical University, 2019- 2021