Heath Anderson

Heath Anderson


  • PhD Student


  • Graduate Assistant

I am a Ph.D. student from Richmond, Virginia. My primary fields of study are the American Civil War and Reconstruction. My specific research interests are how different memories of the Civil War impacted Reconstruction-era politics and the interactions between former Confederates and black people in the South. My master’s thesis focused on the life and legacy of Confederate General William Mahone and the Readjuster Party he led during Virginia’s Reconstruction.

Ph.D. candidate, Mississippi State University, 2020-Present

M.A., History, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2019.
B.A., History, Virginia Commonwealth University, Cum Laude, 2017.


Master’s Thesis: “Architect of the New South: The Life and Legacy of General William Mahone.” – adviser, Dr. Kathryn Shively


Emerging Civil War Blog entry: “Selectively Remembered: William Mahone and the Readjuster Party.” https://emergingcivilwar.com/2019/04/11/emerging-scholar-heath-anderson/


Educational Intern, American Civil War Museum, Summer 2016 and Fall 2018

Collections Intern, Virginia Museum of History and Culture, Spring 2018

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Mississippi State University 2020-Present

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2017-2019

Society of Civil War Historians

Southern Historical Association