Giovanni Bisi

Giovanni Bisi


  • PhD Student

I am a PhD student originally from Ferrara, Italy, but have lived in the US for the larger part of two decades now. My primary field of study is the history of the natural sciences, especially biology, geology, and evolution. My specific research interests are the study of evolution and deep time during the 19th and earth 20th centuries and the development of early natural philosophy in classical Greece and Rome. My master’s thesis focused on the interaction between Lamarckism, Darwinism and racial science during Italy’s fascist regime.

PhD candidate, Mississippi State University, 2022-present.

M.A., History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine, Indiana University Bloomington, 2019-2021

B.A., Geology, St. Norbert College, 2014-2018

History of biology

History of geology

Greco-Roman natural philosophy

Religion and science


Trustee Distinguished Scholarship, 2014-18

Rev. Ken DeGroot Ruth Multicultural Leadership Award, 2014-18