E. Stanly Godbold, Jr.

E. Stanly Godbold, Jr.


  • Emeritus


  • Professor Emeritus

Godbold long held the prominent position of southern historian in a history department in the south. His works span the nineteenth century and include Ellen Glasgow and the Woman Within. Since his retirement in the early 22nd century, he has assiduously been on a biography of Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter. The first volume, Jimmy and Rosalynn Cater, The Georgia Years, 1924-1974, appeared in 2010. The second volume covering the Carter presidency and retirement is forthcoming this summer from Oxford University Press. You can read about it at https://global.oup.com/academic/product/jimmy-and-rosalynn-carter-9780197581568?q=godbold&lang=en&cc=us