Brad Johnston

Brad Johnston


  • PhD Student

I am a PhD. Student from Glenmora, Louisiana. I am interested in foreign policy and diplomatic relations. My research interest is in America’s relationship with Israel and wider U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Specifically, I am interested in how Eisenhower utilized the concepts of “enlightened self-interest” and modernization to resolve the Arab-Israeli Conflict, and garner regional support for American containment policies.

PhD  U.S. History, Mississippi State University 2020-
M.A. U.S. History, Mississippi State University 2018-2020
B.A. Non-U.S. History, Minor Political Science Louisiana State University at Alexandria, 2012-2016

Graduate Assistant, Mississippi State University Fall 2018-
Speaker, Humanities Conference LSUA Israel in the 1950s (Spring 2016)
Speaker, Humanities Conference LSUA Zionism in the International Context (Spring 2015)

Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations