Aiden Daly

Aiden Daly


  • PhD Student


  • Maroon and White Teaching Assistant

I am a PhD student from Clarkstown, New York.  I primarily study the nineteenth century United States, with an emphasis on agriculture and the environment.  My current research interests include transportation networks and the role of agriculture in the economy of the United States in the nineteenth century.  My master’s thesis focused on the construction of the Illinois Central Railroad and the resulting economic, agricultural, and environmental changes in Illinois.  

Ph.D, History – Mississippi State, In Progress

M.A., History – Iowa State University, 2022.

B.A., History and Economics – The College of William and Mary, 2020.

19th Century U.S. history

U.S. Agricultural history

U.S. Environmental history

History of Transportation

Master’s Thesis: Homes for the Industrious in the Garden State of the West: The Illinois Central Railroad's Role in the Economic, Environmental, and Agricultural Development of Illinois, 1850-1861 – advisor, Dr. Jeff Bremer