Distance Education

MSU History offers a variety of courses via distance learning.

Every semester, Hi 1063 and Hi 1073—the two halves of the United State Survey—and Hi 1213 and Hi 1223—the first and second halves of the Western Civilization sequence—are offered.

On a more irregular basis, we will offer:

  • HI 4273-Women in American History
  • HI 4363- African-American History &Culture
  • HI 4653- History of Science & Technology
  • HI 4193- U. S. Environmental History
  • HI 4303- The Old South
  • HI 4313- The New South

Certificate Programs

  • We participate in the Diversity Certificate Program (DICE)
  • We alternate teaching HI 8783-Issues in African American History and HI 8773  Issues in Women's History.
  • An on line GREEN certificate is in the works.