History Announces Super Graduate Assistantships for Fall 2015

November 26, 2014

Starting in Fall 2015, several entering graduate students will receive Super Graduate Assistantships. Reserved for our very best new students, recipients will serve as teaching assistants with a stipend of at least $19,000 for the academic year. These Super Assistantships are recognition from the Graduate School of MSU History’s excellent program and the desire to attract ever better students. Each of these awards covers almost all tuition and fees in addition to the $19,000 stipend. Ph.D students will be favored for these awards but Masters students are also eligible for consideration.

Mississippi State History Adopts a NYC School for Promising At Risk Students

November 17, 2014

10/28/2014Dear Dr. Marcus and the Mississippi State History Department, Thank you so much for the wonderful cowbells, folders, and all of the bags you so generously gave to the boys of Mississippi State here at Excellence NY. The items you gave have been used to incentivize learning in our classroom and have helped to create a culture in which Mississippi State pride is key. Your kindness has brightened the days of 30 first grade boys who love learning and Mississippi State.

Stephen Brain Named Dean's Eminent Scholar

November 12, 2014

At the College of Arts & Sciences convocation earlier this semester, Professor Stephen C. Brain was designated Dean's Eminent Scholar. Brain is the latest to receive this honor. Predecessors include history professors Peter C. Messer, Mary Kathryn Barbier, William Anthony Hay and James C. Giesen.

Matthew Lavine wins the Stanley Jackson Prize.

November 11, 2014

The Jackson prize is given to the best article published in the Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences During the Preceeding three years.The award citation read in part: The committee was impressed with the paper’s conception of the “taming of x-ray technology,” charting a path as clinical x-rays moved from being a miraculous, enticing novelty to become nearly invisibly woven into routine care.

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