Upon the Fields of Battle. Essays on the Military History of America's Civil War


Andrew F. Lang and Andrew S. Bledsoe

The place and purpose of military history occupies a prominent position in recent debates among historians of the American Civil War. Critics of traditional military history see it as too technical, too old-fashioned, too popular, or irrelevant to the most important aspects of the war. Advocates of traditional Civil War military history view these criticisms as a misreading of its nature and potential to illuminate the war. The collected essays in Upon the Fields of Battle seek to bridge this intellectual divide by highlighting how historians are enriching the field of Civil War studies by using military history. The essays approach the period through the expansive lens of military history, grounded in both traditional and pioneering methodologies. By offering fresh areas of inquiry and demonstrating the potential of military history to provide invaluable insights, the collection seeks to realign military scholarship on the American Civil War with other scholarly avenues of inquiry.

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