SHUR Conference--A Rousing Success

Monday, May 2, 2016

SHUR Conference

Despite the inclement weather, the SHUR Conference went off without a hitch. Good papers and intellectual exchange characterized the event.



April 29th and 30th, 2016

Mississippi State University

Department of History

FRIDAY, April 29th

REGISTRATION                                           4:00-5:00

Colvard Student Union, Room 227


FIRST ROUND OF PANELS                       5:00-6:15 p.m.


Social Connections, at Home and Abroad

Comments by Dr. Alix Hui

Colvard Student Union, Room 231

1A        Rachael Damms, Mississippi University for Women

“Secrets Do Make Friends: Uncovering the History of MUW’s Social Clubs”

1B        Kayla Robison, Mississippi University for Women

            “Counterculture in Mississippi during the 1960s and 1970s”


1C        Ryan Lawrence, Mississippi State

“Mutual Misunderstandings: A Study on Ida Honoré Grant’s Austrian Experience”

KEYNOTE ADDRESS                                  6:30-7:30

Dr. Patrick Rael, Bowdoin College

Mitchell Memorial Library Auditorium


CONFERENCE BANQUET                       7:45-9:30

Little Dooey BBQ

SATURDAY, April 30th

REGISTRATION                                           7:30-8:30

McCool Hall Atrium

Coffee and light breakfast foods provided


SECOND ROUND OF PANELS                 8:30-9:50


Religious Faiths in Political Contexts

Comments by Dr. Alison Greene

McCool Hall, Room 126

2A        Gerret Treas, Murray State University

“Quakers and Gnostics: Inward Light of Intuitive Knowing”


2B        Fidelia Renne, Wheaton College

“Peace In Translation: A Historical Reflection on the Acculturation of Mennonite Peace Theology Amidst Nicaraguan Political Conflict (1977-1990)”


2C        Lydia Biggs, Murray State University

“Transnational Influences of Early Jesuit Scholars and Explorers in the New World from 1560-1700”



SECOND ROUND  (cont’d)                         8:30-9:50


Knowledge from—and about—the land

Comments by Dr. Mark Hersey

McCool Hall, Room 130

2D       Tim T. Wang, Rice University

            “Preserving the Spirit of National Parks: The U.S. Army in Yellowstone”


2E        Tajdeep Brar, Ryerson University

“Lead Poisoning and the Fall of Rome: An Exploration of the Theory and the Impact of Lead Exposure on Aristocratic Roman Children”


2F        Roger Liang, Rice University

            “PSAC, the Environment, and Denialism”


COFFEE BREAK                                          9:50-10:30

McCool Hall Atrium


THIRD ROUND OF PANELS                     10:30-11:50


Conflict Theses

Comments by Dr. Richard Damms

McCool Hall, Room 126

3A        Robert Frey, Mississippi State University

“Georgia, Jackson, and the Bank War: Public Reaction in Georgia to Andrew Jackson’s Attack on the Second National Bank”


3B        R. Conrad Freeman, University of Idaho

“The Dust Covered Man Who Saved the Union: Ulysses S. Grant and His Victories that Preserved Our Nation 1862 to 1865”


3C        Alyssa Leet, Murray State University

            “Gunsei, Minshi”


The Construction and Deconstruction of African-American Identities

Comments by Dr. Marsha Barrett

McCool Hall, Room 130

3D       John Christian Kuehnert, Covenant University

“Domination and Oppression: a Brief Analysis of Language as a Form of Subordination in Civil War Runaway Slave Ads”


3E        Charles W. Johnson, Auburn University

“Are Mose and Minerva Less Distinctive than Lakisha and Jamal? The Use and Abuse of Distinctively Black Names in Slavery and in Freedom”


3F        Caroline Gray, Mississippi College

“The Bulldogs: Poor Whites and White Supremacy in Hinds County, 1865 – 1877”



LUNCH                                                         12:00-1:30

Catered sandwiches

McCool Hall Atrium

Transportation available to Comfort Suites and back


FOURTH ROUND OF PANELS                 1:30-2:50


The “Place” of Women in Twentieth Century American Culture

Comments by Dr. Matthew Lavine

McCool Hall, Room 126

4A        Briana McManus, University of Maryland-College Park

            “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend”


4B        Sydney Phillips, University of California-Davis

"Romance Comic Books and Magazines: The Cold War, Anti-Feminism, and Teaching Women Their Place"


4C        Erin Blackledge, University of Southern Mississippi

            “Edith Cavell and the Great War Propaganda: Impacts on American Feminism”


Racial Politics from Reconstruction to the Present

Comments by Dr. Andrew Lang

McCool Hall, Room 130

4D       Ashia Caraway, Grambling State University

“Double Negatives: How Black female intellectuals have come to defy respectability politics yet still have to conform to mainstream standards”


4E        Olivier Péloquin, Université de Montréal

            “Adelbert Ames and Reconstruction’s Last Stand in Mississippi”


4F        Kayla J. McClellan, Grambling State University

“Activist First: Robinson's Claim to Fame Readjusted”

FIFTH ROUND OF PANELS                      3:00-4:00


American Social History

Comments by Dr. Judith Ridner

McCool Hall 126

5A        David Rothmund, Elmhurst College

“The Dichotomy between Gender, Race, and Law in Antebellum America”


5B        William H. Smith III, Kutztown University

            “Perspectives of Reconstruction: 1900 To the Present Day”


5C        Nicholas Fleder, Rice Universtiy

            “The Great Escapade: Yosemite and the Knots of the American Leisure Movement”

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