Cheiron, the International Society for the History of the Social and Behavioral Sciences, met at Mississippi State June 22-25

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Conference Program Was as Follows:


Cheiron: International Society for the History of the Behavioral and Social Sciences
49th Annual Meeting
Mississippi State University (Starkville, MS)
June 22-25, 2017

Local Hosts:   Courtney Thompson, assisted by Alexandra Hui and Alan Marcus
Mississippi State University

Program Chair:  Jacy L. Young

Thursday June 22

1:00-2:30 Paper Session: Mental Health and Adjustment (Mitchell Memorial Library Auditorium)
  Chair: Nancy Digdon
Jennifer Bazar
Claimed by the War: The Loss of New York’s Psychopathic Laboratory

Alan C. Tjeltveit
Interpreting the Boulder Conference: The Development of Normative Visions of the Science–Practice Relationship in Clinical Psychology

Jonathan MacDonald
Reel Guidance: Midcentury Classroom Films and Adolescent Adjustment

2:30-3:30 Break and Poster Session (John Grisham Room)
  Riviane Borghesi Bravo and Raquel Martins de Assis
The Formation of Personality and the Construction of Character: The Appropriation of Lazursky´s Work in Brazil

David Devonis
The Evolution of the Concept of Tolerance in US Psychology, 1900-1950 and Beyond

3:30-5:00 Paper Session: Philosophy and Faith (Mitchell Memorial Library Auditorium)
Chair: Jennifer Bazar
Nancy Digdon
American Mental Philosopher, Joseph Haven’s Natural Science of Psychology and Phenomena of Will

Robert Kugelmann
Pragmatism and Thomism:  The Personal and Professional Relationship between Adolf Meyer and Thomas Verner Moore

Elissa Rodkey and Krista Rodkey
Family, Friends, and Faith-Communities: Intellectual Community and the Benefits of Unofficial Networks for Marginalized Scientists

5:30-9:00 Reception at Alan Marcus’
Friday June 23

7:30-8:30 Breakfast (John Grisham Room)

8:30-8:45 Welcome from Local Host, Courtney Thompson (Mitchell Memorial Library Auditorium)

8:45-10:15 Paper Session 1: Contemporary Issues in Social Science (Mitchell Memorial Library Auditorium)
Chair: Elissa Rodkey
Stephanie Pache
Violence as Health Issue: A Political History (United States, 1980-2010)

Jill Morawski
On Replication: Is the Current “Crisis” Repeating the Past?

Jacy L. Young and Peter Hegarty
Sexual Harassment and the Sexual Politics of Experimental Social Psychology

10:15-10:30 BREAK (John Grisham Room)

Paper Session 1: Heads, Brains, and Minds (Mitchell Memorial Library Auditorium)
Chair: Barbara Stern
Erica Lilleleht
Butting Heads? Gendering the Theories and Practices of American Phrenology

Tabea Cornel
Left-Handed Complements: Forging Connections between Handedness, Speech Ability, and Brain Asymmetry around 1900

Shayna Fox Lee
Psychology’s Own Mindfulness: Ellen Langer, the Rise of Scientific Interest in Meditation, and the Social Politics of Researching ‘Active Noticing’

Paper Session 2: Social Science (Grisham Room)
Chair: Cathy Faye
Lawrence T. Nichols
Louisa Catherine Pinkham: Integrating Psychological Therapies with Sociological Practice

Lauren Kapsalakis
A Community Test-Tube of American Civilization: Burt and Ethel Aginskys’ Social Science Field Laboratory (1939-1947)

Leila Zenderland
Producing Transnational Social Science in a Segregated City: Studying “Race and Culture” at Fisk

12:00-12:30 Cheiron Book Prize (Mitchell Memorial Library Auditorium)
  Chair: Jerry Sullivan
  Susanna Blumenthal, Law and the Modern Mind: Consciousness and Responsibility in American Legal Culture

12:30-1:15 Lunch (Grisham Room)

1:15-2:30 Elizabeth Scarborough Lecture (Mitchell Memorial Library Auditorium)
  Chair: Jacy L. Young

  Katherine Crawford, Vanderbilt University
  Towards an Ethics of Sexual Citizenship

2:30-2:45 BREAK (John Grisham Room)

2:45-4:30 Symposium: One Tree with Two Trunks: The Intertwining Histories of Criminology and Psychology (Mitchell Memorial Library Auditorium)
Organizer: Phyllis Wentworth
Chair: David Devonis

Courtney Thompson
The Profile Which Speaks: From the Anatomical to the Psychological in the History of Criminology

David Devonis
Sources of Eclecticism in Prison Reform: Angie Lillian Kellogg’s Reviews of the Literature Regarding Crime, Punishment, and Prisons in the Psychological Bulletin, 1914-1920

Phyllis Wentworth
Criminology and Psychology in the mid-1960s: The Case of the Draper Project

Discussant: David Devonis

4:30-4:45  BREAK (McCool 111 Anteway)

4:45-6:15 Paper Session: Philosophical, Theoretical, and Critical Perspectives (McCool 111)

Chair: Shayna Fox Lee
Michael R.W. Dawson, Cor Baerveldt, and Evan Shillabeer
Training Generalist Scientists: Joseph R. Royce, Ludwig von Bertalanffy, and Their Plan for the Core Seminar of a Theoretical Psychology Center

Saulo de Freitas Araujo
The Relevance of the History of Psychology to Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology

Chetan Sinha
The Politics of Indigenous Psychology in India: Critical Perspective

6:15-6:30 BREAK (Anteway of McCool 111)

6:30-7:30 Cheiron Film Night (McCool 111)
Cathy Faye, Lizette Royer Barton, and Jodi Kearns
The IQ Zoo

Saturday June 24

7:30-8:30 Breakfast (Anteway of McCool 111)

8:30-10:30 Paper Session: Sex, Gender, and Sexuality (McCool 111)
Chair: Phyllis Wentworth
José María Gondra
O.H. Mowrer’s First Research Project: The Missouri “Sex Questionnaire”

Rémy Amouroux
Was the French Psychoanalyst Marie Bonaparte (1882-1962) a Freudian Orthodox?

Rodrigo Lopes Miranda, Ana Maria Del Grossi Ferreira Mota, and Robson Batista Dias
“Adjustment Problems” and “Mental Health” in the Arquivos Brasileiros de Psicotécnica (1949-1968): A Case Study on Homosexuality

James Walkup
AIDS, Psychotherapy, and Struggles Over the “Gay Mind”

10:30-10:45 BREAK (Anteway of McCool 111)

10:45-11:45 Business Meeting (McCool 111)

Mississippi Delta Excursion with Lunch on the Road
Including stops at: Museum of the Mississippi Delta in Greenwood, the Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale, the Crossroads Art and Cultural Center, the Hopson Plantation and Commissary, and the Ground Zero Blues Club

6:45  Banquet

Sunday June 25

8:00-9:00 Breakfast (Anteway of McCool 111)

9:00-10:30 Roundtable: The View from Mississippi: Diversity in Research and Activism in the Social Sciences (McCool 111)
Organizer and Moderator: Courtney Thompson, Assistant Professor, History
Rachel Allison, Assistant Professor, Sociology
Carolyn Holmes, Assistant Professor, Political Science and Public Administration
Kimberly Kelly, Director, Gender Studies; Associate Professor, Sociology
Nicole Rader, Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences; Associate Professor, Sociology

10:30-10:45 BREAK (Anteway of McCool 111)

10:45-12:15 Paper Session: 19th and Early 20th Century Psychology (McCool 111)
  Chair: Larry Stern

William R. Woodward
What Lotze meant to American Psychology

Hendrika Vande Kemp
Early Content Analysis of Dreams: Technological Challenges, and Lydiard Horton’s 1914 “Inventorial Record Form for the Analysis of Dreams” and a Decimal System of Classification

Sam Parkovnick
William McDougall on Instincts

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