Morgan Gray

Morgan Gray


  • MA Student


  • Graduate Teaching Assistant

In Progress      Master of Art in History, Mississippi State University

2022.               Bachelor of Science in History, Mississippi State University          
                        Minor: African American Studies                 

2015                Honors Diploma, Starkville High School

Mental Health in the Black Community

The African Diaspora

Legal History

History of African American Women

History of the Modern Civil Rights Movement

History of the Black Panther Movement

January 31, 2022        One Voice, Leadership and Civic Engagements: ECLI Project

March 13, 2022          Teacher/Guest Speaker, Intro to African American Studies

February, 2022            Guest Speaker, I.D.E.A.L. Woman Panel, General Body Meeting

September 14, 2021    Teacher/Guest Speaker, Intro to African American Studies

April 10, 2021             Guest Speaker, Fight from the South: Women’s March, City of Starkville

March 4, 2021             Panel Speaker, The Conversation: United Together, Mississippi State Uni.

June 8, 2020                Guest Speaker, Starkville StandUp Protest. City of Starkville, MS

September 30, 2020    Facilitator, I.D.E.A.L. Woman and Men of Excellence Presents: The Sit Down

April, 2022      Spirit of State Award, Mississippi State University

December 19, 2021    “Most Dedicated Award”: Boys and Girls Club of America

April 21, 2021             The Student Leadership and Community Engagement Awards

March 29, 2021           Student Choice Awards: President of the Year

December 11, 2020    Team Impact Award: Boys and Girls Club of America    

(October, 2019)          Guest Speaker, Women in Leadership, A paper presented at the first Annual Conference of Women in Leadership. Mississippi State University.

(March, 2021)             Participant, “A Walk Through Mississippi” Showcase, A virtual showcase of the history and talent of Mississippi for Black History Month. Mississippi State University.

(August, 2020- March 2021) Podcast, “The IDEAL Podcast

2021-Present   Programing Director, Bully’s Closet and Pantry Ambassador

2019-2022       Youth Development Professional, Boys and Girls Club of the Golden Triangle

2020-2021       President, I.D.E.A.L. Woman

2020-2021       News Media Coordinator, Starkville StandUp

2019-2020       Vice President, I.D.E.A.L. Woman

2019-2018       Historian, I.D.E.A.L. Woman

2018-2019       Vendor Relations Coordinator, Black Fashion Society

2016-2017       Hostess, Society of African American Studies “SAAS Sisterhood”

2015-2016       Bulldog Cannon Detail, Mississippi State University’s ROTC Bulldog Battalion

2022- Present, Intern, One Voice

2021-Present   Programing Director, Bulldog Closet and Pantry Ambassador

2021-Present   Member, African American Studies Program

2017-2021       President, I.D.E.A.L. Woman

2020-2021       News Media Coordinator, Starkville StandUp

2018-2019       General Member, The Black Syndicate

2018-2019       Executive Board Member, Black Fashion Society

2015-2017       Cadet, Mississippi State University’s ROTC Bulldog Battalion