Chris B. Perry

Chris B. Perry


  • MA Student


  • Graduate Student



Twenty years as a United States Navy Surface Warfare Officer and Manufacturing Specialist, and thirteen years of teaching secondary school and community college adjunct.  My focus is on World War II Pacific Campaign and The Vietnam Conflict.


BA Delta State University 1985 (Psychology)

MA Mississippi State University 2013 (Secondary Education)

Academic Career

Meridian High School, Northeast Lauderdale High School, Sebastopol High School, Leake Central High School 2010-Present; East Central Community College Adjunct and Dual Credit 2017-2023; Fellowship Riley Foundation 2018 World War II story collection and presentation

Courses Taught – Social Sciences, World History, US History I & II

Christopher B. Perry

840 Allgood Road

Decatur, MS 39327

(C) 601-701-7250


Skills Summary & Accomplishments

Over twenty years experience in the military and private sector focusing on teaching, manufacturing, engineering & logistics. A historian, with a Master of Arts Teaching in Secondary Education, a AA License in Secondary Education in Mississippi, a Social Studies and Health endorsement, as well as 18 Post Graduate Hours in History, with a 4.0 average.


Employment History


Leake Central High School Fall 2019-Present

Health, US History II, Psychology, Sociology, World History, Dual Credit US History I & US History II through East Central Community College

         Track and Field, State Track Official

Here at Carthage I have coordinated a student travel program and also coordinated the COVID-19 recovery from the travel ban.  Voice of the Gators for both football and baseball games, as well as doing narration in the “Yes There is a Christmas” performance for the Leake Central Band Ensemble.  Staging busses for dismissal.


Sebastopol Attendance Center (2018)

         World History, Advanced Geography, Humanities

         Track & Field Coach

         Bus Driver

         Voted Best School Spirit and Hardest Teacher by students


Northeast Lauderdale High School and Track (2017-2018)

         History & Social Studies Teacher (US History, Gov, Econ, Psy, Soc)

         Assistant Track and Field Coach


Meridian Public School System (Meridian, MS Jan 2011 - Jun 2017)

History Teacher (US History State Tested Subject Area)

English Language Learner Tutor, Assistant Track Coach

After attaining a teaching certification January 2011, I started tutoring students from Prekindergarten to twelfth grade to be fluent in English.  I also assist with testing with SATP, MCT2, WID-A, WAPT and AP. As of Spring 2015, I started Coaching Shot Put and Discus both Middle School and High School throwers.


East Central Community College (Decatur, MS) Spring 2017 - Present

Adjunct History Teacher (US History I, US History II)

Dual Credit US History I, US History II


Coastal Supply Company Inc. (Doswell, VA) Jan 2009 – Jun 2010

Plant Manager

Managed Plant Operations for one of the largest landscape supply companies on the east coast, with 11,000,000 units per year.  We had 63 employees, with exempt, nonexempt, and temporary employees. I also oversaw brown field construction, plant expansion, and compliance with Federal and local codes.


Waupaca Northwoods LLC (Sikeston, MO) Oct 2007 – Oct 2008

   Plant Manager

Managed Plant Operations for a landscape supply company.  I managed logistics for dedicated and nondedicated freight, conducted raw material sourcing. Set production schedules, and managed production demands, oversaw maintenance, repairs, modifications, and scheduling, maintained the Quality Control Program, and conducted customer service visits.


Cott Beverages (Sikeston, MO)   Mar 2003 – Sep 2007                                 

   Plant Superintendent

Managed plant operations at night for a 27 million case beverage plant.  Assisted in line qualification, training and plant start-up at Cott Beverages Fort Worth, TX Production Facility. One year with no lost-time and no recordable accidents as a Plant.  Hired and trained new teams prior to summer production.


Coca-Cola (San Leandro, CA)   Nov 2000 – Mar 2003                                  

   Production Supervisor, Safety Manager

Managed Production Operations for 63 million case 5 production line beverage plant.  Oversaw installation and start-up of Dasani Production Line, and crew training.


B&H Labeling Systems (Ceres, CA) APR 2000 – OCT 2000                          

    Plant Manager

Oversaw operations for labeling machine company with domestic, and international sales, as well as assisted in developing new technology.  Performed a profitability turn-around by improving process flow, communications, breaking through departmental barriers.


US Navy  1986-1994                                                                                      

Naval Surface Warfare Officer-Electrical / Auxiliary Officer, Maintenance Officer, Repair Officer, Personnel Officer,  Administrative Officer, Legal Officer and Navigator, Damage Control Assistant

Rated second in training readiness Pacific Fleet.  Entrusted with the General Quarters task of Officer of the Deck.  Assigned the task of training personnel in firefighting, and damage control, and ensuring the ship was in proper material condition. As Overhaul Coordinator, we completed a $5,000,000 overhaul five days ahead of schedule. Achieved Navigation Excellence Award within three months of ships commissioning.  Entrusted with the duties of Sealed Authentication System (SAS) Team Member, alternate.  Qualified as a Naval Engineering Watch Officer.



Mississippi State University Post Graduate American History Studies (21 Hours)

Mississippi State University - MA Secondary Education 2014

Delta State University - BS in Psychology--1985

UC Davis--Better Process Control

US Navy--Boiler Chemistry School, Legal Officer Course, Navigation Officers Course


Training and Teaching Summary

To bring better context to my employment history, this summary is provided to highlight how teaching, training and coaching has been integral to my success.


US NavyI set up curriculum for teaching and training the ship to survive and repair damage.  This was accomplished by having an excellent training staff, and providing the crew with classroom instruction, practical drills, training aids and simulations.  As a result we were rated second in the Pacific Fleet.  As Ships Navigator and a Surface Warfare Officer, it was my duty to teach seamanship, ship handling and navigation to junior officers.  I would teach and train officers in mathematical computations and plotting required for celestial navigation, vector geometry for ship handling and trigonometry for station keeping. 


Tenneco PackagingIn a molded fiber plant that manufactures egg cartons, fruit trays, paper bowls and plates, it is common to have a fire during operations.  Pursuant to an ISO 9000 certification, we had to train practical firefighting skills to shift personnel.  I set up classroom instruction and skills training to teach firefighting techniques using water, gas and chemical, for all plant personnel.


Safety TrainingWith all manufacturing jobs there is a need to be safe and keep workplace injuries to a minimum.  Wherever I was, I personally held or supervised safety training for the employees.  This was usually done in an impromptu class setting.


TeachingAs an English Language Learner Tutor, I was able to work with students with diverse languages and backgrounds.  This also required working closely with parents to assist them to maximize learning with the students.  I was honored to be asked to take a difficult position, when a teacher retired mid-year, in a tested subject area.  I was able to step into a curriculum teaching six classes and give as seamless a transition as possible.


Grant ResearchI worked summer 2015 on a grant through the Riley Foundation.  The purpose of the grant was to record the stories of WWII survivors at Aldersgate Meridian, MS.  I was honored to meet these wonderful people, and record their stories.  This culminated in a 2015 Veterans Day presentation at Mississippi State University Meridian, where students from area high schools and people from the community got to hear the stories, and interact with these heroes and heroines.


Community Involvement

It is my belief and practice that one must be a good example for their students, and be involved in their community. Towards that end, I have been a volunteer firefighter with the Conehatta Volunteer Fire Department, and a member of the Decatur United Methodist Church where I have done mission work for the past 5 years.