Niklas Trzaskowski


Niklas Trzaskowski

20th Century American political history, particularly post-1945 American political developments, politicians, campaigns, and the history of modern conservatism.


  • PhD History, Mississippi State University, Starkville, MS, in progress.
  • Preliminary Dissertation Title: The Life of H.R. Haldeman: Business and Politics in the United States of America, 1926-93
  • MA History, East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN., May 2013
  • Thesis: From the Committee of 100 to the Committee to Re-Elect the President:  The Political Campaigns of Richard M. Nixon                                                            
  • BA History, Tennessee Technological University, Cookerville, TN., May 2011

Academic Career

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of History, Mississippi State University, August 2013 to May 2015 and August 2016 to present. Instructor for Modern U.S. History (Spring 2017) Teaching assistant and discussion section leader for Early U.S. History (Fall 2013; Spring 2014; Spring 2015; Fall 2016) and Modern U.S. History (Fall 2014; Fall 2017).

Graduate Research Assistant, Department of History, Mississippi State University, July 2015 to July 2016. Research assistant to Dr. Alan I. Marcus.

Instructor of Record, Department of History, Mississippi State University May 2015 to July 2015. Instructor of record for Modern U.S. History during the Maymester session. 

Graduate Administrative Assistant, School of Graduate Studies, East Tennessee State University, January 2012 to May 2013. Graduate assistant in the main office of the graduate school.

Research Interests

20th Century American Political History, the Nixon presidency and era, and conservatism in the United States.



“The Early Life, Education, and Career of H.R. Haldeman, 1926-1956,” presented at the 2017 Southwestern Social Science Association Annual Meeting, Austin, TX, April 12-13.

“The Many Faces of the Rifleman: The American Rifleman and Politics, 1966-1971,” presented at the 2015 History Graduate Student Association Conference, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA, March 20-21, 2015.

“Taking Stances: The Vietnam War in The American Rifleman, 1965-1973,” presented at the 57th Annual Missouri Conference on History hosted by the University of Missouri -St. Louis, Chesterfield, MO, March 11-13, 2015

“Nixon in Charge: Richard Nixon’s Mismanagement of his 1960 Presidential Campaign,” presented at the 16th Annual Brian Bertoti Innovative Perspectives in History Graduate Conference, Virginia Tech University, Blacksburg, VA, April 5-6, 2013

“A Fighting, Rocking, Socking Campaign: The Strategy of Richard Nixon’s 1950 Campaign for the Senate,” presented at the Third Annual UAB Graduate History Forum, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL, March 8-9, 2013

“Nobody could get through to Dick: Richard Nixon’s 1960 Presidential Campaign Reexamined,” presented at the 28th Annual Meeting of the Ohio Valley History Conference, East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN, October 11-13, 2012 (Winner of the “Best Paper Presented by a Graduate Student at the 2012 OVHC Award”)

“All the Candidate’s Men: The Men behind Richard Nixon’s 1968 Election,” presented at the 2012 Phi Alpha Theta Tennessee Regional, Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN, March 23-24, 2012

“From Defeat to Victory: The Strategy behind the Comeback of Richard Nixon,” presented at the 2011 First Annual East Tennessee State University History Graduate Student Conference, East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN, November 29, 2011


Book Reviews: Review of Reclaiming Virtue: The Human Rights Revolution of the 1970s by Barbara J. Keys, The New England Journal of History 72, no 2, (Spring 2016): 92-95.

Review of The Nashville Way: Racial Etiquette and the Struggle for Social Justice in a Southern City by Benjamin Houston, Southern Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal of the South 23, no.1 (Spring/Summer 2016): 107-109.

Review of Cold War Dixie: Militarization and Modernization in the American South by Kari Frederickson, Southern Historian: A Journal of Southern History 35 (Spring 2014): 155-157.

Honors & Awards

Empire, Power, Identity, and Conflict Fellowship, Department of History, Mississippi State University, Academic Year 2016/17

Martin T. Smith Sr. Fellowship, Department of History, Mississippi State University, August 2013 to May 2016

Co-Recipient, Dale J. Schmitt Outstanding Graduate Student Award, Department of History, East Tennessee State University, April 2013.

Barbara Jaffe Silvers Memorial Scholarship Endowment, Department of History, East Tennessee State University, August 2012 to May 2013.

Research Experience


Fluent in German.

Professional Associations

Professional Associations:

Phi Alpha Theta
Phi Kappa Phi
Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations
Organization of American Historians

Academic Service

President, Phi Alpha Theta, Alpha Epsilon Epsilon Chapter, East Tennessee State University, Fall 2012 to Spring 2013.

Member, East Tennessee State University International Advisory Council, August 2012 to Spring 2013.

President, Student History Club at Tennessee Tech University, August 2010 to May 2011.

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