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Mary Kathryn Barbier, Associate Professor (Ph.D.: University of Southern Mississippi, 1998) 20th Century United States Military History
Marsha Barrett, Assistant Professor (Ph.D.: Rutgers University, 2014) 20th Century American Political History, African American History, Public Policy
Stephen Brain, Associate Professor (Ph.D.: University of California, Berkeley, 2007) Russian and Soviet History, Environmental History, Forest History
Brandon Byrd, Assistant Professor (Ph.D.: North Carolina, May 2014)
African American Political/Cultural/Intellectual history
Richard Damms, Associate Professor (Ph.D.: Ohio State University, 1993) 20th Century U.S.; Diplomacy; Latin America
James C. Giesen, Associate Professor (Ph.D.: University of Georgia, 2004) Agricultural, Rural, Environmental History; African-American; South
Alison Collis Greene, Assistant Professor (Ph.D.: Yale University, 2010) American Religious History; 20th Century U.S.
William Anthony Hay, Associate Professor (Ph.D.: University of Virginia, 2000) Early Modern and Modern Britain
Mark D. Hersey, Associate Professor (Ph.D.: University of Kansas, 2006) Environmental and Agricultural History; African-American; U. S. South
Alexandra Hui, Associate Professor (Ph.D.: UCLA, 2008) Modern Germany; European Science and Intellectual History
Andrew Lang, Assistant Professor (Ph.D.: Rice, 2013) Civil War; Reconstruction; Nineteenth Century America; U.S. South; Military History
Matthew Lavine, Assistant Professor (Ph.D.: University of Wisconsin, 2008) History of Science and Culture; American West
Alan I Marcus, Professor and Head (Ph.D.: University of Cincinnati, 1979) Technology, Science, Medicine; Intellectual History; American Agriculture Anne Marshall, Associate Professor (Ph.D.: University of Georgia, 2004) Women; Nineteenth Century Southern History
Jessica Martucci, Assistant Professor (Ph.D.: University of Pennsylvania, 2011) Gender and Women; Science, Technology, Medicine
Peter C. Messer, Associate Professor (Ph.D.: Rutgers University, 1997) Early American History; Early Modern European History
Stephen Middleton, Professor (Ph.D.: Miami University, 1987) African American History; American Civil Rights Movement; U.S. Constitutional History
Julia Osman, Assistant Professor (Ph.D.: University of North Carolina, 2010) France, Military History, Atlantic World
Judith A. Ridner, Associate Professor (Ph.D.: William & Mary, 1994) Early America, frontier, immigration and ethnicity, oral history
Christopher A. Snyder, Professor (Ph.D.: Emory, 1994) Medieval, Late Rome, Dean, Shackouls Honors College
Jason Morgan Ward, Associate Professor (Ph.D.: Yale University, 2008) 20th Century South; Civil Rights and Racial Politics
Michael Williams, Adjunct Professor (Ph.D.: University of Mississippi, 2007) African American History and Studies; Civil Rights
Shu-Hui Wu, Professor (Ph.D.: Free University of Berlin, Germany, 1993) China; Far East; Japan
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Administrative Staff
Alan I Marcus, Department Head
Mark D. Hersey, Graduate Coordinator
Anne Marshall, Undergraduate Advisor

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